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Content strategy and programming


Responsibility for programming the yearly 400 events of the Helsinki Festival (Finland), focused on multi-art content, innovation and heritage renewal; including theatre, circus, various dance styles, world music, classical music, opera, jazz, visual arts, high end multidisciplinary stage work, film commissions and free city events up to 60.000 spectators

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Festival consultancy

Advising a major Asian metropole on their festival portfolio (Bangkok City)

Advising a European Classical Orchestra on the establishment of a new international festival. (No Borders Orchestra, Rijeka, Croatia)

Higher Education Advisory

Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

Conservatoire National Supérieur de la Musique et de la Danse, Paris, France

Fostering emerging talent

Planning an incubator for emerging artists in South East Asia region (YST Conservatory, Singapore)

Successful bids for public funding

EU, Arts Council (UK), Finland, Portugal, Belgium

(mostly on heritage renewal projects)

Dealing with private foundations for cultural funding

Jane and Atos Erkko Foundation
Erste Foundation

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Implementation of cultural strategy  in a complex environment

15 years of hit-creating artistic planning, directing, budgeting, producing, marketing and researching experience within an international multi-arts festival context, running complex international artistic and financial partnerships involving big art institutions, governmental bodies and state TVs

15-year track record of building memorable events for audiences large and small (100 to 60,000)

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Conducting cultural data studies

A comprehensive SWOT analysis of global high end employment standards of Art Universities for a world-leading art university (Sibelius Academy, Finland)

Overseeing a study of top end festival audience satisfaction mixing audience segments and art forms, informing and altering directly the festival’s programming and marketing plans

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Dealing with private sponsors


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