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Who we are and what we can help you with.

What is your cultural vision? How would you like to make it happen? What is preventing you from accomplishing it?

The role of culture in creating social good, sensible education, national pride, the renewal of heritage, and economic growth is well proven. New research even highlights the long-lasting effects of culture on health.


What specific area of cultural impact would you like to boost in your country?

We have been working on these matters for all our adult lives, taking us from practice rooms to the most important opera stages as singers, and also to board rooms as decision makers, jury members and policy creators, handling the whole spectrum of cultural matters - from funding mechanisms to curating and creating all disciplines of art, from a simple concert to multidisciplinary city events. 

Educating, fostering and promoting artists and creativity from children to the biggest stars and 500-strong performing troops, addressing all segments of audience from intimate artistic encounters to mega-events of 60.000 spectators. 

We have dealt with presidents, ministers, mayors, city councils, corporate directors, charities, arts institutions, universities, scientists, and also with the most dedicated staff of our own organisations (Ivan, for example, at his opera festival in Northern Portugal, and Topi as the artistic director and CEO of the Helsinki Festival). 

We would like to share our experiences but also learn something new with you - on the way to proving the power and the impact of culture, in all it's multiple forms and expressions. We would like to help you make your cultural vision happen - from strategy and funding to the closing curtain and the feedback of the audience. Let's think it through together.

As performers as well as cultural executives we are not only aware of the managerial pressures in any artistic venture but are also particularly sensitive to the potential demands and sensibilities of the artists as well as the cultural context of each project. This allows us to think of the production and execution of each venture in a holistic and adaptive manner. 


We treat each case as an occasion to investigate new ways of forming high level creative teams in order to deliver the best results in funding, content programming, production, marketing and communication. We also carry out data based studies which take into account the cultural and geographic context of each initiative.


Our advice is based on empirical research, professional experience and an extensive personal network. 

When could we meet to talk more?

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